sql.repl | backward.Deprecated.Features(2008)

Deprecated Features That Affect All Types of Replication
Attachable subscriptions 
Subscriber registration 
SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) 
Schema changes using sp_repladdcolumn and sp_repldropcolumn 
Checksum validation 
Adding publications to Active Directory 
-UseInprocLoader parameter 

Deprecated Features of Transactional Replication
Subscription expiration for transactional publications 
"No sync" subscriptions to transactional publications 
ODBC Subscribers 
Transformable subscriptions 
Updatable subscriptions including immediate updating and queued updating with snapshot and transactional publications 
Distribution ActiveX control 
Replication Distributor Interface 
Replicating to Oracle 8 subscribers and from Oracle 8 publishers 

Deprecated Features of Merge Replication
Alternate synchronization partners
"No sync" subscriptions to merge publications
Merge ActiveX control
Multicolumn UPDATE option
-ParallelUploadDownload parameter
@allow_partition_realignment property in sp_addmergepublication
-ExchangeType parameter
@delete_tracking property in sp_addmergearticle
Logical Records